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As of December, versions 5.6 and 7.0 of PHP stopped receiving security updates. What this means is that now over 75% of WordPress sites currently run on insecure versions of the scripting language, leaving these sites vulnerable to attack. 
If you fail to upgrade your website to the latest version of PHP, then this may result in a loss of traffic and a decrease in your rankings in search results if you are the victim of an automated attack, which could also damage your brand reputation. Another point to consider is that the plugins and themes used within your site may cease to work with your website, impacting heavily on your business's online presence. 
Meanwhile, all itseeze websites run on the very latest, secure version of PHP, 7.3. 
If you are the owner of a WordPress website and would like to migrate to an easy to edit, fully supported, and secure itseeze website, then please contact us directly on 01404 819401 or 07912581163. 
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