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Process of optimising a website so it appears higher in search results for relevant queries 
The aim: to bring more website traffic and increase conversions 
Search engines rank websites based on which will be the most useful for users 

WHY is SEO Important 

Majority of online traffic comes through search engines 
People are far more likely to click on organic search results 
Long-term results – cost-effective 
High-intent audience 
Can also target low-intent audiences 
Increases your chances of appearing for more queries 
SM drives traffic, but most comes through search engines – hence the term ‘Google it’! 
A high-intent audience are people that are more likely to take a particular business action, such as buying a product or service. So, essentially they are in the market for what they are searching for. 
Low intent audiences are those that are looking for information, and are not likely to commit to a purchase at that time. But of course they may use that information to buy in the future. 
If I search for ‘Florist that delivers on Sunday’ I’m likely to be in the market, so I’m in the high intent audience 
But a search for ‘flowers that smell nice’ is more likely to be low intent (although could become high intent quite quickly.) 
Search Engine Results – also known as SERPS from a ‘general search’ such as florists in Torquay 
Ads – PPC (pay per click) Image on the left 
Underneath is the local pack, and local SEO is about improving your ranking here. (Image on the right top) 
Then the organic results. SEO is about improving your website’s position in this list. (image on the right bottom) 

Google Ads 

Local Pack and Organic Results 

Specific company search, such as it’seeze 
A Knowledge panel makes your business stand out when a search is made for your specific business. To have a chance of Google displaying a local panel for your business, you need a Google My Business page. 
Image on the left shows organic results. Image on the right shows the knowledge panel from the Google My Business result. 
If you want to find out more about how SEO can help improve your website rankings, then get in touch
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