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We are extremely pleased to have been asked to design a brand new website for local business Fast Car Charging Ltd who are based just outside of Exeter. They can provide various car charging installation options depending on your needs. 
We started the project by designing a visually striking and recognisable logo to give the business the impact it deserved. The website has been designed using our shop package and has a very modern, crisp & professional design making sure that the branding styles and colours have been utilised throughout in line with the logo. The site has used some great images, simple navigation and clear call to actions, making it easy for the visitor to get in touch and make an enquiry.  
You can view the new website here: 
If you would like to discuss getting a new website designed then please contact us 

Fast Car Charging Ltd 

EV charging is a hot-button issue – namely, how can we possibly all switch to an electric car when they take so long to charge, and so many parts of the country are under-equipped with public charging stations? 
Well, infrastructure is improving all the time, but for the majority of owners the solution is simple – charge at home. By installing a home charger, you can treat your car almost like a smartphone, by simply plugging it in at night and waking up to a fully-charged battery. 
They have other benefits, being cheaper to operate than expensive public charging, especially if you use them while electricity is cheapest. In fact, on some constantly shifting ‘Agile’ tariffs, you could effectively be charging for free, and what’s not to like about that? 
What we do? 
We're FAST CAR CHARGING LTD, and we are committed to supporting electric travel now and for the future 
Our mission is to support every one to make the transition to Electric Travel more cost effective, convenient and planet friendly. 
We supply Electric Vehicle Owners with an opportunity to make ownership easier, more cost-effective and more convenient from the comfort of your own home. 
We supply market leading products and all of the advise and support you need to make an informed choice. 
As the owner of an Electric Vehicle (sometimes referred to as an EV ), home is one of the most convenient locations to charge your car. 
While your car is charging, you can concentrate on other things knowing that the battery will be sufficiently full when it’s time to start your journey. Our smart charging devices make sure that the process is safe, cost-effective, and fast and lets not forget so convenient. 
Our home charging systems give you permanent access to some of the smartest electric vehicle charging services on the market. 
The various charging systems optimise charging events based on electricity prices and enables you to share your charging stations with other EV drivers, family members and you have full control over the billing process and can see reports which will provide useful information and can help reduce charging costs. 
With the optimised charging features, you’ll contribute to balancing the electricity grid and you can set the charging of the car when electricity prices are at their lowest. 
Research has shown that people can save on average £1,000 per year through home charging rather than relying on external charging stations and so much simpler and beneficial in terms of time and cost. 
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