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No online marketing guide would be complete without talking about the power of the call-to-action (CTA) button... 
In order for your website to serve its purpose, every piece of content should be encouraging your visitors towards an action. To ensure that this is effective, it is essential that you include a CTA button that allows your visitor to complete this action. 
One of the most valuable website features for converting visitors to customers, your CTA button makes it clear to someone on your site what you want them to do. Whether you want them to buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter, or fill out your contact form, this simple component will compel them to do so through a clear, concise, and direct command.  
Your call to action should therefore be attention grabbing or emotive, and should make people want to click. 
It must be easy to understand, should complement the design of the page, and needs to be positioned in the most logical place to generate the greatest number of click throughs. On average, content that contains a CTA button will have a click-through rate that is 2.85 times higher than without. 
The final step towards customer conversion, it's imperative that you make your CTAs an integral part of your online strategy. 
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