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Adding quality content to your website doesn't stop at just written content. Everything that you add to your website must add value, including your visual content. 
When it comes to online marketing, aesthetics are everything. The web is built on powerful visual imagery, and in order to appeal to your customers, your business website needs to look the part too. 
Rather than littering your site with images however, you should focus on the quality of its appearance. It is always recommended to use professional photography to show off your products and services at their best, and ensure that every image is relevant to your business. 
The general trend for web design nowadays is less really is more. Websites have become a lot leaner and a lot cleaner, providing a simple but easy to use website. It is better to place a few high quality images on your site rather than lots of low quality, irrelevant images. 
Appropriate imagery will also help to simplify your website content for users, by breaking up large areas of text and making the context of your words immediately obvious to anyone quickly scanning the page. 
Images can also be used to optimise your website. Make sure that you include keywords in the alt text (the text description of your image) of each one so that your images show up in search results. 
Make sure that when you are adding images to your website, that you are not just taking them from the internet and using it on your site or you could be breaking copyright rules. 
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