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You are probably aware that adding new content to your website is a fantastic way to get your business noticed by more potential customers. However, it won't mean anything if that content is awash with poor spelling and grammatical errors. 
In fact, far worse than simply rendering your fresh content efforts worthless, spelling and grammar mistakes can actually hurt your business. 
According to recent studies, 74% of web users will notice the quality of spelling and grammar on a company's website, and an incredible 59% said that bad grammar and obvious spelling errors would stop them buying from a business. 
So, what is the reason for this? It comes down to the fact that poor grammar and misspelled words equate to poor attention to detail. Many customers see this as unprofessional, or feel that it suggests a lack of care on the company's part, leading to a decline in trust in that company's ability to provide a good quality of care. 
It is therefore essential that you carry out a website content audit to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes, especially if it stops you losing potential customers. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and with so many competitors out there, it is in your best interests to present your business as professionally as possible. 
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