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This is the online marketing secret your competitors really dont want you to know - make sure you keep tabs on what they are doing to market themselves online, because you can bet that they're checking up on you. 
This is the easiest way to build your marketing strategy, as by doing your research you'll be able to find out exactly what your main competitors are - or are not - doing to get ahead. 
Once you've identified what's working for them, you'll have a good idea of where to take your business next in your quest for a successful online presence. 
Are your competitors on social media? Take note of which platforms they use, what they post about, and what gets the best reactions, and consider adopting similar practices in your own social media strategy, or even get started on social media in the first place if you've not already done so. 
Do they blog? Glean what information you can from this, and also use it as a source of inspiration to see what you should be blogging about yourself. 
What directories are they listed on? Make sure you're listed on these sites too to give yourself your best chance, and also look for listing opportunities that they may have missed so that your business can fill in the gaps for potential customers. 
Whilst monitoring the competition will help you figure out what direction to take your digital marketing efforts in, remember that you don't want to copy them exactly, rather you want to use what you learn to influence and inspire your own approach. 
The important thing is that you stay informed of what's going on around you, and know the latest marketing tactics in order to keep one step ahead. 
So there you have it, you now know the 10 online marketing secrets that your competitors are using to win business on the web - now it's time to get out there and put these practices to good use. 
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