So I am probably not alone, when I say that most website owners get a little nervous at times, when it comes to editing their own websites, because they don't want to make a mistake or cause any damage!! 
With this in mind, we are very excited to be launching this new website feature called Page History. 
This new Page History feature will allow you to restore any page on your website to how it used to appear at any time it was saved after 23rd January 2020.  
Going forward, you will be able to access up to a year's worth of page edit history, giving you the power to restore your website at multiple date points. 
This will now take away any worries or concerns of causing permanent mistakes or damage to your website, knowing that within a few clicks you can restore and repair the mistake, you can copy content from a previous version of a page to add back onto the latest version. 
This should allow you to be more creative with some of your changes and stretch your editing capabilities with what already is a very easy to use editing system
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