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Why Blogging  

Blogging has numerous benefits: it increases traffic to your website, helps you convert those visitors into leads, helps your company establish authority in its industry, and it continues to help your company expand and attract new customers months, if not years, after publication. 

What are the Benefits of Blogging? 

Fresh, relevant content is added to your site, demonstrating your skills and industry understanding. 
Engages your audience while also providing value to your clients 
Increases the number of visitors to your website 
It aids in the humanization of your company. 
Increases the effectiveness of your search engine optimization - keywords, links, and so on. 
Content that can be shared on social media. 
Ensures long-term success 
Blog Content Ideas 
Company news 
New Business features 
Industry Specific Advice 
Business Case Studies 
New Service Launches  
Charity Link Updates 
Recommend Things That You Should Do 
Invest in a copywriter. 
Before posting, send all pieces to the marketing team for proofreading. Write posts that are 500 words or longer. Use wide blog tags to assist categorise your entries. 
Keywords and internal links should be included. 
Include any relevant external links in your message. 
Use photos with a Creative Commons 0 licence. 
Consistency is key. 
Share your blog pieces on social media — they'll stay relevant for a long time. 
Examine the blogs of your competitors. 
Things That You Should NOT Do 
Plagiarise or modify other people's work Publish anything that hasn't been reviewed by your marketing team. 
Blog about anything unconnected to your business or unrelated to your industry. 
Write posts that are merely a few phrases long, and make fun of your client's. 
Discuss the amount of money you make from selling your products or services. 
If you would like to find out more about how blogging can help you grow your business, then get in touch. www.itseeze-exeter.co.uk 
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