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Here at it'seeze Websites Exeter, we specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses in and around Torquay, Exeter, and Newton Abbot to market themselves effectively online.  
Something that we're regularly asked is whether social media is a necessary part of a small company's marketing strategy.  
It's difficult to ignore the fact that Facebook now has over 30 million UK users, of which more than 50% are over 25, with the amount of time that adults spend on social media sites increasing rapidly day by day. Therefore, it's clear that promoting your business on social media could make quite a difference to the level of success you achieve on the web. 
With our Max and Commerce websites you can easily integrate social media feeds, as we have done here. By embracing social media you'll be able to engage with your target market and promote your company and products in new ways. You'll also improve your ranking in search, as Google and other search engines change their algorithms to reflect the popularity of social media. 
To discuss how social media could benefit your business, please get in touch. 

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