Where's That Logo? 

If you don’t have a digital image of your logo, then you can’t control how it will appear on your marketing materials. Simple logos are easily created and cost very little, so make sure you get one produced and give it to your web designer, sign writer, and printer. 
The colours that you’ve chosen will affect all your marketing materials and will immediately help your designer in recommending a suitable colour palette for your website. 
The it'seeze websites logo
Copywriting is harder than you might think

Making Your Messages Sing 

Copywriters are the professionals who work their magic with words, and doing this well is certainly not easy. That said, you’re likely to know much more about your industry and certainly about your company than any outsider will. 
When designing a web page, the amount of text is integral to how the page will be laid out, making this a job that must be done in advance. Each page on the site should have a theme, with insightful text that is relevant and concise. As a rule of thumb, you should produce around 300 words for each page and break it up into meaningful bite size pieces. 

Light Up Your Website 

No website will ever look its best if it uses poor images. Agencies like ours subscribe to digital galleries where we have access to thousands of professionally shot photos. They look great, but you do run the risk of your competitors using the same imagery. 
The best solution is to use your own photos, as these are unique and specific to your business, but it’s vitally important that they’re high quality. Snaps taken on your mobile are very unlikely to cut the mustard, far better to hire a professional. Poor images will give an amateur feel to your site and therefore your business. 
Great images make great websites
Your Call to Action

What Do You Want Your Visitors to Do? 

Every page on a website should have a call to action. In other words, what do you want the visitor to do when they arrive on that page? 
It could be as simple as wanting them to phone you - in this case, don't hide the phone number away in the footer, place it somewhere prominent. It’s not a call to action if your visitor has to look for it. 
Ideally, a page should just have the one COA and be designed specifically to encourage that action. So for example, if you’re looking to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter, make sure you give them plenty of reasons why they should, and place the sign-up form where it can’t be missed. 

Don't Do Self Build 

The TV adverts are appealing and make the process seem simple and quick. Remember however, that your website is your online shop window. Done poorly, your website is more likely to be a liability than an asset, and you could easily end up with fewer enquiries, not more. 
Great design is a learned skill and the issues surrounding search and visitor engagement mean you should hire a professional. Your time and energy will deliver greater rewards by focusing on what you do best. 
Design is a learned skill
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